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by Cope - Schwartz Design

The New Standard of Bespoke Interior Doors Inspired by Rolls-Royce, Bentley & Bugatti.

Weybridge, Surrey, UK (August 10, 2009) – To kick off the grand opening of SWD’s new showroom at the Design Centre in Chelsea Harbour, the manufacturer/importer of bespoke interior doors from Spain, France & England, SWD will debut the exclusive COPE-SCHWARTZ DESIGN of “Sublime Leather Interior Doors”…just in time for Chelsea’s Focus Show starting on September 26th.

Leather Door Tan ImageInspired by the interior designs of Rolls-Royce, Bentley and Bugatti, C-S Design leatherdoors are made of the finest materials available, using six companies to contribute their ‘old world’ craftsmanship. From the extensive use of authentic Connolly Leather to the world’s finest woods, no detail has been neglected. The lacquer polisher’s clients alone include Steinway Pianos, Bentley, Number 10 Downing Street and Sir Elton John’s Grand Piano!

Providing second-to-none quality, workmanship, materials and creativity is the center-piece of C-S Design leather doors. For doors are no longer a mere function…they are key component for the home, yacht and hotel to enhance the look, feel and overall tone of each entrance. 

Based on the past success of SWD’s first Door Showroom in Weybridge, Surrey, a track record of creating ‘Wow Factor’ interior door solutions has been accomplished.

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The construction of our new Sublime Leather Door

Sublime a. Of the most exalted kind, so distinguished by elevation or size or nobility or grandeur or other impressive quality as to inspire awe or wonder, aloof from and raised far above the ordinary.

Inspired by the great interiors of Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Bugatti, Aston Martin and others, the Cope-Schwartz Design team aims to produce the ultimate interior leather doors for homes and yachts. Using the finest materials and craftsmen, our team assembled the following ingredients to assure long-lasting success:

The Door Leaf: We start with a fire-rated 45 mm door leaf made of 100% sustainable wood.

Red Leather Panel Fitting

Rare Wood Veneers: On one side of our door we use rich American Burr Walnut…wonderfully complicated patterns of swirls and dark shades. On the other side, delicate light yellow Birdseye Maple is used. Both woods are used extensively in the world’s most expensive automobiles and yachts. To compliment the door leaf, a precision made inner door frame is built for that final touch of perfection. Even having an Ebony inlay along the outer edge of the door is unheard of since it is not really noticed, but this is where the difference is!


Fitting Tan Leather Door PanelsThe Magic of the Lacquer Polish: In order to achieve that famous ‘piano finish’, a multi-stage process transforms the bare, untreated wood veneers into a ‘marble’ vision of depth and mirror finish. Time honored techniques are used to bring out the rich colours and grains of these rare woods. The type of preparation, lacquer, and climate controlled drying conditions, in addition to the layers of polishing, result in a mirror finish. All lacquer used is from Italy and blended on site. This specially blended polyester lacquer is harder and can maintain its form and function from minus 30 degrees to up to 60 degrees Celsius. A total of eight coats of lacquer are cured to ambient temperature. With all the technology used, it still comes down to hand-finishing. A lower quality polish could wrap the door leaf and result in such imperfections as ‘fish-eyes’, ‘crows-feet’, ‘orange peel’ and ‘waves’. We even lacquered and polished the inner and outer edges of the door and all stiles…even though these areas are not as visible. We want to prove to all that we can provide value in ways not delivered before. Clients include Steinway Piano, Bentley Motorcars and the London Stock Exchange.

Red Leather Door Panels The Leather: Connolly has a wonderful history of providing the world’s finest leather to Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Aston Martin and other fine makes of automobiles. Details such as having a wonderful family history of using electric fences verses barred-wire fences, which result in unblemished hides, only begins to tell the story. From the treatment, dying and curing process, Connolly is recognised as one of the leaders in providing the finest leather in the world, thus earning ‘The Royal Warrant’.



Tan Leather Complete DoorTrimming & Fitting: Putting the door together. To ensure ‘dead-fit’ precision and care, our team appointed one of the finest trimmers in the UK to incorporate leather within a full-size residential door. Having over 100 years combined experience result in a ‘fit and finish’ that is indeed second to none. From both hand and machine stitching, selecting the appropriate foam to the measuring and installation process, no expense was spared to assure the finest outcome. Whether using perforated leather, delicately polished veneers or incorporating finely made aluminium trim, the result speaks volumes about creating bespoke interior leather doors.

  Burr Walnut with Red Leather

Door Hardware: Custom-made tubular latches were hand-made to accommodate the placement of the door handles. We put much care and emphasis into choosing the door handles and hinges…thus creating a leather door that is sublime. 



Feel free to visit our leather door at our showroom in Chelsea Design Centre.  



Red Leather DoorTan Leather Door with Birdeye Maple

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