15) What sizes of doors are available?

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Standard sizes for Solid core veneer doors are as follows:

1981mm(6' 6") 2040mm


584mm (1' 11") 526mm
610mm (2') 626mm
686mm (2' 3") 726mm
762mm (2' 6") 826mm
813mm (2' 8") 926mm
838mm (2' 9")  

Increased heights up to 2400mm x 1000mm are available. Prehung door sets are available in all sizes.

In this range doors can be made to special sizes. For example if you are refurbishing a house and the floor levels have raised due to thick flooring having been layed, it is possible to get some doors made at 1960mm high. There will be an extra cost  for doing this but it is recomended as we do not advise for the carpenter to remove too much from the height and width of the doors. If you were to remove 10mm it is better to remove 5mm from each edge rather that 10mm from 1 edge.

Bespoke Sizes

The cost for special sizes on door leafs are as follows:
+20% upto 2200mm high and +40% for upto 2400mm high.

For special sized doorsets the prices are as follows:
+10% upto 2200mm high and +20% for upto 2400mm high.

Sizes available for our SOLID WOOD door range are

IMPERIAL                            METRIC
838mm x 1981mm           930mm x 2040mm
762mm x 1981mm           830mm x 2040mm
686mm x 1981mm           730mm x 2040mm
610mm x 1981mm           630mm x 2040mm

The following doors are not available in Imperial sizes.

ALL PREHUNG DOOR SETS ARE ONLY AVAILABLE IN METRIC SIZES. For prices on Prehung door sets and Bespoke sizes please call us

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