• How To Position Interior And Exterior Doors

    By SWD Team

    The Placement of doors


    Doors really can add the glam in glamorous when it comes to improving the aesthetic appeal of your home . The correct placement of your interior and exterior doors is vital, as doors that are too narrow, or open the wrong way, will affect the aesthetics of your home, and can completely change the look and feel. Its important to understand that positioning not only include where the opening for the door is placed in the wall, but also swing direction, as both of these factors will impact the way in which space can be used in the room into which the door opens. If space is limited in the area of a door way,  stylish alternative solutions include sliding and pocket doors .

    Interior and exterior doors

    The position of your front door will define the entire look of the facade of your home, just as the positioning and size of your home’s back door can affect the seamless flow between your interior and exterior. Unless a commercial building exterior doors should always open inwards, public buildings have to consider other safety factors. Unlike a private home, a public building is likely to have large numbers of people in it. In case of fire or other emergency, these people need to be evacuated as quickly and easily as possible for this reason exterior doors have to open outwards. While aesthetics are very important for both interior and exterior doors, it shouldn’t be the only factor — function should always be first.

    Interior and exterior doors

    Clearance and Space

    You will need an area that has sufficient clearance room for a door to open and enough space to get around it in the open position. The wall in which the door is sited will need to have enough space, not only for the door, but also clearance on all sides for swing room. Think carefully about which way the door is to be opened as having the handle placed on the wrong side could cause damage to the walls and paintwork.

    Doors should be positioned so that they don’t interfere with each other, or open into hallways or access ways.

    Door position,ventilation and airflow

    Another important factor to consider, and one which is often overlooked, is the way in which air flows through your house. The incorrect alignment of doors and windows through rooms and hallways can result in a wind tunnel effect when the doors are open. While this may be beneficial for effective ventilation, it may result in noise disruption by causing doors to rattle in their frames or bang closed. It could also cause excess breeze and discomfort. This can be alleviated by staggering doors, even slightly, which can serve to break up the air flow and reduce the speed of a draught. This will  also tend to circulate air more effectively, causing more efficient circulation throughout the room or house instead of drafting directly through it.

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