• Accoya and Why it is an Ideal Material for External Doors

    By SWD Team

    What is Accoya – Why is it so special?

    Accoya is the ideal timber to make our external doors. Known for enabling the consistent supply of durable and non-toxic solid wood.

    Passing all tests with flying colours for it’s dimensional stability, durability, paint retention and in-ground condition. It therefore creates the highest performing external doors.

    Accoya has properties that match or exceed those of the best tropical hardwoods and treated woods. It is manufactured using wood from sustainable sources. It is the world’s leading high technology long life wood.

    Used in many everyday products like windows, decking and cladding.

    Accoya paves the way with a spectacular walkway in Norway.

    It has been used to make the largest bridge and integrated bench for a striking hiking path along the Hafrsfjord, Norway. The hiking trail spans 850 metres and is very equally popular with local and visiting walkers, joggers and cyclists.

    The Magic Behind Accoya

    The Technology behind Accoya is based on wood acetylation. This process alters the cell structure of wood, and as a result, it improves its technical properties ensuring that Accoya is much stronger and durable than any counterparts.

    Durability, Stability and Beauty

    External doors should be durable and stable and resistant to swelling and shrinkage whilst being easy to maintain.  Accoya meets and exceeds these criteria, in conclusion making it the best choice.

    Lasting for fifty years, as well as TRADA stating it has a minimum service life of 70 years. With a huge range of styles, you can change your decor without harming the environment, due to it being 100% recyclable.

    This is a door suitable for all weathers. With swelling and shrinkage reduced by a huge 75%, in any event these wonderful doors will open and close effortlessly!

    With the improved stability, coatings last up to 2x longer, therefore reducing maintenance costs. At SWD we have a selection of both contemporary and traditional external door designs. These are shown online which can all be made from Accoya, alternatively use our bespoke service to customise your own door!

    Shown below is one of our beautiful front doors made from Accoya with high gloss piano black finish. Supplied and fitted by SWD for luxury apartments located in Covent Garden.

    Accoya front door
    High-gloss piano black finish, with a polished chrome knob and ironmongery.
    • Naturally Insulating


    • Excellent Machinability


    • Insect Barrier


    • Consistent quality throughout


    • From sustainable sources


    • Retained Strength & Hardness


    • Non-Toxic & Recyclable


    You can view our external door range here or,  alternatively come and visit us at one of our showrooms to view more of our rangewww.solidwoodendoors.com

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