• Acoustic Doors for Soundproofing

    By SWD Bespoke

    At SWD Bespoke we offer top-of-the-range acoustic doors that can replicate the highest level in soundproofing. All of our doors come with a good acoustic rating naturally, but if you are looking for extra privacy, we are able to tailor to your needs and create the best possible acoustic soundproofing with any of our door sets. In order to do this we use Lorient acoustic seals between the door and frame as well as drop down seals which are similar to those you find in hotels. Additionally, all of our acoustic doors can come fire rated in FD30 or FD60.

    Acoustics are measured in decibels. Loud speech can read around 60 decibels, a vacuum cleaner can hit 70 decibels and a rock band would be over 110 decibels. In general, perceived volume doubles every 10 decibels so the difference between readings is not gradual. For example, the acoustics between a 34 decibel reading and a 38 decibel reading is noticeably vast. Most manufacturers sell doors with a low acoustic rating of around 29 decibels. At SWD, our Lorient acoustic seals and drop-down seals have achieved soundproofing of up to 45 decibels. An acoustic rating of this level would make loud speech in the next room muffled and incomprehensible.

    Our flush contemporary doors are able to achieve the best ratings in soundproofing, and, fit in seamlessly to the wall for an unbeatably modern and stylish look. We have used these sleek designs in a recent project based in Dubai where the 60mm doors had rebates in both the door and frame, 3 acoustic seals and 2 drop down seals. These SWD state-of-the-art doors achieved an excellent acoustic rating of 43 decibels.

    Acoustic doors create better spaces and privacy by giving each room the quiet to create your desired atmosphere and environment; whether that be turning up your favourite track without disturbing the surrounding rooms or being able to appreciate the quiet that your acoustic doors will provide. Get in touch with the SWD team today to find the best acoustic doors for you.

    We are currently working on an acoustic door project in Princes Gate Court, Knightsbridge. Images will be available to view in our Portfolio page once complete, so stay tuned!

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