• Advantages of Buying a Pre-Hung Door Set

    By SWD Team

    It’s possible to purchase your door as a complete pre-hung door-set, at SWD all of ours come like this too.
    The great advantage is that it’s a ‘no fuss’ solution – an end user doesnt need to go out and buy separele (and often difficult to obtian accessories and fixtures) and it’s a far faster fitting process if the whole door set is started and completed in one short process. Having a door set made to order like SWD sets means you can specifiy a design, size or style to your exact requirements.

    Most of these doors come pre-finished in a frame the correct width to suit your wall thickness. They are already hung on the hinges, with the latches/locks in place and architrave ready to be fitted. If matching frames and architrave are required they are well matched to the doors as they are made from the same batch of wood. Primed frames and architrave are also an option, for more information on these see our earlier post on Frames and Architrave.

    As standard SWD also supply door sets with satin stainless steel ironmongery however this can be upgraded to a polished finish or even anodised or painted to achieve that extra special bespoke look. Door sets are available in any of real wood veneer finishe as well as factory lacquered, stained and high gloss finishes. It’s also possible to colour match from any recognised colour chart to attain the desired look which again is a big advantage over ordering a complete door set over purchasing lots of different bits to make up the set.

    I advise that door sets are installed at the end of the build/refurb after decoration and flooring, avoiding damage from other trades. The installation process can save you money on building costs as all necessary items are included. There’s some video’s we have here that also showcase some fitting of pre-hung door sets.

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