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    Space-Saving Bespoke Sliding Doors For Interior Doorways

    Trying to think of ways to save space we naturally think of storage solutions. However one of a home’s most effective space savers are sliding doors. SWD provides a full range of  bespoke sliding doors for both residential and commercial clients. Investing in sliding doors in your home has many advantages. Not only do they provide a function, adjoining different rooms more fluidly, they also look extremely elegant and can act as a design feature, adding a little bit more of a stylish edge to your interiors.

    Space Saving

    If space is a concern, these systems provide a stylish and well designed way to provide interior doorway closure while consuming virtually no floor space. As sliding doors operate without a hinge, there is no extra space taken up by the arc of the door when it opens. This is hugely beneficial in homes where you are short on space or you want to adjoin two rooms like the dining room and kitchen and it makes sense to have more space for things like kitchen cupboards or a larger table.


    Sliding doors are not only a great addition to your home functionality wise they also add a touch of class and glamour that standard doors just don’t have. When open, they make the two rooms that they’re adjoining look much larger, creating an all-round bigger and more open feel to your home. They’re particularly effective when joining spaces like the dining area and living space and aid the natural movement of people from the dining table to relaxing in the lounge.

    Bespoke Sliding Doors


    Depending on the type of sliding doors you opt for, they can add as much or as little to your home as you choose. At SWD there’s an amazing variety of different styles and sizes available so you’ll be sure to find the right sliding doors to match your home perfectly. From styles with glass panels, which increase the light flow in certain rooms to others with embellishment and patterns in the wood. A vast selection of our ranges are available in fire door rated versions. You can find the perfect set of sliding doors to add that extra touch of elegance to your home.

    Bespoke sliding doors are also perfectly suited to cupboard, wardrobe and ensuite applications too. With this in mind, you have the option to co-ordinate your internal doors. To discuss your sliding door requirements further please contact us.

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