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    By SWD Team

    Walnut internal doors

    Amongst the most popular types of door are our Walnut internal doors, mainly for their truly traditional and sophisticated appearance. Walnut has many practical and physical properties, and is recognised worldwide as the ‘aristocrat of fine hardwoods’. The grain of walnut wood runs characteristically straight, and many favour this uniform look in their furniture. The straight grain retains that traditional look and feel but with a somewhat ‘neater’ appearance to it. Walnut boasts a variety of colours that range from light to a very deep, almost black, brown. Walnut’s woodworking properties have earned the respect of fine craftsmen since the 16th Century. Being such a tough hardwood, walnut lends itself well to intricate patterns and structures, so complicated carvings come out extremely well. The dense, solid wood holds its shape perfectly, making it a pleasure to work with and opening up more design options than many other woods. This striking appearance makes it a great choice for a wide range of interior design styles.

    SWD’S walnut veneer doors have become a desired finish in choice of interior bespoke doors, optimising luxurious living and with our sleek and stylish designs, the warmth of walnut combined with it’s stunning finish will always be in demand for its elegance and expression of good taste. One of the on-trend wood veneers of the last few years and popular for luxury projects. We can personalise any of our doors to your specific requirements. Whatever your interior design preferences, we can accommodate any style of internal door you require.

    Below we show a few examples of some of our luxury projects supplied and installed by us with our walnut internal doors .

    This development in St Georges Hill, Weybridge, Surrey uses our Model R137 with moulded (PCA) beading in a black stain on walnut with a 60% sheen. This property being on three floors, most of the doors in the project were FD30 and were 2.4 metres in height on all floors. White reeded architraves and plinth blocks were used.

    walnut internal doors

    This prestigious project in Burwood Park made use of the model R109 in a walnut veneer finish. It is a classic style door with raised & fielded panels. Flat, square beading surrounds the panels, giving a hint of contemporary features as well.

    walnut internal doors

    SWD supplied these walnut internal door sets with matching frames and architraves. The models used were the N311 Royale door on the ground floor and the R109 model on the upper floors. The pre hung door sets and solid walnut architrave were stained a richer colour (400) at the clients request. Many of the doors are fire rated FD30 where needed. Clear glass was used for the double-doors, with privacy glass used for the bathroom door in the master bedroom.

    walnut internal doors

    walnut internal doors

    You can find more examples of our walnut internal doors in our portfolio here.

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