• Benefits of Bi-Folding and Sliding Doors

    By SWD Team

    Bi-Folding and Sliding Doors are both aesthetically pleasing and also serve specific purposes.

    Sliding Doors

    Sometimes an entrance has to be placed in a somewhat awkward position in a home. Often where a hinged door being opened could cause obstruction, or just use up precious space.  This is where bi-folding and sliding doors are a fantastic alternative. Furthermore such is the look of these doors, they are frequently chosen for looks alone!

    The picture below demonstrates this, as a sliding door matches perfectly the modern decor. Please excuse the exposed timber, the plasterer had yet to come when the photos were taken!Sliding doors, tight entrance

    Bi-Folding Doors

    Often an extra large opening is required, where it’d be impossible to make a door that wide! Well, even if someone did make a door that wide, it’d be hugely impractical trying to open and close it. This is where bi-folding doors come in handy. Although technically pictured below is a “tri-folding” door, the term “bi” is almost always colloquially used.

    SWD Bespoke supplied and fitted these folding doors for a basement games/ cinema room. The doors would ensure the room doesn’t allow any light to pass through for movie experiences, also having them completely opened would create the illusion of there being much more space for casual events or parties.

    bi folding doors Open Plan Modern Bi-folding DoorsCall us to discuss installing sliding or folding doors into your home.  We will be more than happy to assist you.


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