Environmental Policy


PEFC LogoSWD ensures that all of our products are produced with sustainable material from sustainable forests. 100% of our products are ethically sourced and this is our environmental policy.

Wood is inherently sustainable but in an increasingly global market the end user cannot be certain of the origin of their wooden products. SWD meticulously checks the accreditation of its suppliers, our policy is that we will not use an unaccredited source. This can preclude cheaper alternatives but in a quality driven market we firmly believe that responsibly sourced renewable products are an essential component to what we offer.

The certification process, which each of our suppliers is subject to, is governed by an umbrella organisation; PEFC (the Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes). Their best practice standards promote environmentally sound, socially just, and economically viable management of our forests globally. The endorsement process ensures that national standards comply with PEFC’s Sustainability Benchmark and that all requirements are rigorously and consistently applied.

The simple act of sourcing and purchasing our products, and ensuring potential suppliers become accredited with the PEFC label can have far-reaching positive implications, not least in terms of sustainable consumption. Accreditation ensures the maintenance or enhancement of bio-diversity, the substituting of chemicals with natural alternatives, the protection of workers rights, the encouragement of local employment and respect for established traditions and the indigenous peoples rights.
The worlds forests fulfil many roles such as providing renewable raw materials and energy, maintaining biodiversity, and protecting land and water resources. We have a chain of custody and can track our products from the forest to the final product and therefore ensure that the wood is traced back to certified forests.

SWD products will be traceable to an accredited PEFC forest. We will not sell products, many of which flood the UK market, from an unaccredited source. This is a matter of policy.