Fire Doors

We can supply and fit most of our ranges in fire door versions please click on a door range below to view the doors.

  • Traditional Panelled Fire Doors
  • Flush Fire Doors
  • Contemporary Fire Doors
  • Fire doors with Metal Inlays

We supply all our fire doors made to order in Standard and Bespoke sizes.

We can supply FD30 1/2 Hour fire doors and FD60 1 hour fire doors.

Fire door Regulations:

On the 6th April 2007 regulations relating to fire doors were modified.


Before the rule change all doors of habitual rooms leading to the staircase in 3 storey dwellings needed to be  SELFCLOSING FIRE DOORS. This meant that most doors would fall in to this category. The main exceptions would be ensuite bathrooms and cupboards. The 2 most common methods would be a concealed door closer, or more popular these days self closing hinges, The hinges are prefered by most developers as they are easier to fit than concealed door closers and are adjustable. On 2 storey dwellings usually the only fire door would be the door connecting the house to the garage.

With the new regulations fire doors are still required but the doors do not need to be self closing. The full government report can be found here


On extentions involving a 3rd floor it will no longer be good enough to make your existing doors self closing where required. They will in fact need to be replaced by actual fire doors. These new fire doors like the new build regulations will not need to be self closing. You will need to have fire doors on all habital rooms leading to the staircase, same as the new build regulations.

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If you have purchased fire doors from us and require the fire certificates they can be found HERE.