• Framing the Finish: Doors are Becoming Part of the Furniture

    By SWD Team

    In 2015 a door or door set is seen as part of furniture of the house – a key feature in the styling of a property and one that can truly finish the standard of a home. The future of a door is not only about opening and closing a room, but being part of those spaces. Doors are starting to play a leading role in decoration. They are steering away from pure functionality and giving substance and style to the overall design.

    There are a menu of possibilities explicitly targeting the customisation of your doors and I’ve covered a few here.

    There are several emerging trends and textured doors are now in demand. As a door supplier, I find designers look for awakening the customer´s senses so we are contributing to the development of this idea by supplying textures, you may want to feel a door finished in antique metal or a warm finish with leather… other finished include doors that can bring a sparkle to your eyes with a high gloss finish which gives the wood door a mirrored effect.

    One of the most popular finishes in the last couple of months is a stained door with aluminium inlays. For instance, the model R150 in oak stained dark or the 610 (the codes are SWD ones).

    Staining a door, giving it the colour the client desires has become one of our main great strengths at SWD as this is a growing service which we are catering for. When you go for a stained door, you may have two options, going for a finish to match the floor and the rest of the house or going for a contrast effect that heavily features the door set or frame.

    Traditional Panelled Stained Doors If we go for the classic look, a SWD best-seller is the N311 model which adds majesty to any house, hence the name of the door, the Royale door.

    Modern Panelled Doors with inlaysFinally, a popular choice I find at the moment and which can be appropriate for keeping a property style neutral are grey veneers. In one of our latest jobs which used the high gloss finish on the doors you can see in the picture above the model 155 ALU, the doors are in dark grey and there is a light grey veneer between two dark bronze metal inlays. We can also plate them.

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