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    By SWD Team

    Glazed Fire Doors – Is There Such A Thing As A Glass Fire Door?

    Historically, glazed fire doors were functional but unattractive, the Georgian wired glass panel a standard feature and familiar sight wether strolling through the corridors of a school ,Hospital or Hotel. They were not made for stylish looks or to compliment the decor of a building but to perform a task if and when required. How they looked was not thought to be of any great importance. But in todays world where the desire for function with style and elegance is part of the spec for a modern building fire doors can now be part of that look and style with absolutely no compromise in safety. Take a look at our portfolio to see our range of modern fire doors.

    Fire doors are no longer just for commercial buildings. New building regulations have started to specify fire doors in private homes, both new build and renovations. If you’ve had a loft conversion recently you’ll probably know what we mean. For more information on fire regulations you can find this here.

    SWD offer 30 minutes (FD30) and 60 minutes (FD60) protection against fire and fumes. Many of them can incorporate a range of glazed styles designed to compliment our SWD door collection.

    Stylish, Luxurious Glazed Fire Doors

    A beautiful example of such are these Model R101 glazed bi-folding fire doors, ideal for separating the dining room whilst allowing light to flow through as evident in the picture.

    Panelled Glazed fire doors


    Leading out to this impressive entrance hall, SWD have used a pair of glazed fire rated FD30 door sets from our classic bespoke range using Model N311 with 2 glazed panels a centre circle and large MG moulded beading. The door set was supplied primed and then painted on site. You can see more of this recent project in SW6 on our portfolio here.

    Rosette Glazed fire doors

    Separating the kitchen with our sophisticated model 1007 a contemporary grooved door with fire rated glazing that works particularly well. Automatically making a home more light and spacious by allowing light to pass through, you can see more of this project in our portfolio here.

    Veneered Glazed fire doors


    If you are looking to buy glazed fire doors then feel free to call us to speak with one of our fire door specialists, who will be happy to discuss your project and help you choose your preferred style of fire door. You can also view our range of internal doors here.

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