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    By SWD Team

    High Gloss Flush Door
    There are several emerging trends and textured doors that are now in demand. We often find designers look for awakening the customer´s senses, so we are contributing to the development of this idea by supplying textures – for example, you may want to feel a door finished in antique metal or a fabric of some kind. Popular this season though so far are high gloss doors. Below are some examples of some we’ve had interest in lately:

    It stands out and can bring a sparkle to your eyes with the right high gloss finish. High gloss can give a wooden door a mirrored effect too, for example the model T600SG in our own range is pictured here (natural wood colour effect).

    High Gloss Panelled DoorImagine walking up to a house and seeing your face reflected on the paintwork of a shiny piece of timber and ironmongery. That first impression can really set the tone and standard of a property. High gloss finishes look very impressive. Here is a black high gloss door (pictured beside). We’ve other gloss doors pictured on our portfolio for further inspiration.

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