• Glossy Doors Gallery: See How Shiny They Are!

    By SWD Team

    glossy doors cherry
    glossy doors cherry mayfair

    Glossy doors so shiny they look like mirrors! The doors fitted to this apartment in London have transformed this property. These T600SG range doors from SWD are ones that can be fitted anywhere and make a huge impression in this Mayfair development. Coloured in a cherry tone, they also have a very glossy finish, so it emulates something out of a chic hotel.

    The great thing about glossy doors is the enormous impact it has on the finish of a property. Also not to mention and the perceived valuation of it. The previous sets in this apartment were dowdy and average. So the new doors have made a big difference in the standard of quality throughout as seen here.

    The doors below are also from the same range, but this time in double door sets. One set has been used with frosted glass panels so to be used as a cupboard and the other is between rooms. The grey polished ironmongery has also worked well with this cherry colour, as it compliments it rather than clashes.Glazed Sliding Doors

    External glossy doors:

    SWD’s High Glossing offers a seamless, mirror-like finish to the doors. This finish is available on a vast range of door styles which can be specified as large as 2700×1200 for a single leaf. If you are looking for something special, you will not be disappointed with this high gloss spectacular finish.

    High Gloss Finish

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