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    By SWD Team

    Most likely the only inspiring moments coming from 10 Downing Street at the moment is their inspiration for high gloss front doors and maybe Mrs May’s leopard print heels. Number 10 Downing Street is one of the most photographed and broadcast doors in the world. British politics has experienced many changes over the past 300 years, with 76 Prime Ministers overseeing the fortunes of the United Kingdom during this time. While many of these leaders would have had opposing views, one thing they nearly all have in common is having resided behind 10 Downing Streets door.

    The black exterior of 10 Downing Street, is famous worldwide. But the iconic black facade was not always this colour. During extensive renovations to Number 10 in the 1960s, workers discovered that the bricks were actually yellow. Hundreds of years of heavy pollution had stained the bricks black. “To keep the familiar appearance, the newly cleaned yellow bricks were painted black to match their previous colour,” according to the 10 Downing Street government website. Number 10’s famous black front door has also been updated in the last two decades. The original black oak door was replaced with a bomb-proof metal one in 1991, after an attack by the Irish Republican Army in which a bomb exploded in the garden. The new door is coated with a high-gloss paint, which keeps it incredibly shiny.

    SWD’s High Gloss Front Doors

    high gloss front doors

    SWD’s High Glossing offers a seamless, mirror-like finish to the doors. This finish is available on a vast range of internal and external door styles an example of which shown above. These doors can be specified as large as 2700×1200 for a single leaf. If you are looking for something special, you will not be disappointed with this magnificent finish. Our high gloss front doors will stamp a certain grandeur on your home.

    The process begins by making a door with materials that have no movement, using special glues and caulks to finish the joints. Having a door with no movement is vital for a high gloss finish as any movement will cause cracking. The doors are primed and sanded several times with up to 8 coats of primer to achieve a perfect flat surface. Multiple layers of high gloss lacquer are then applied and buffed in between each application. The final finish is a clear protective UV lacquer that is polished and buffed to a stunning mirror finish.

    Below we show you how our high gloss front doors go through the 10 downing street process and installation.

    To replicate the prime ministers door further SWD offer custom high security doors. Which are handmade in the UK and available in any bespoke design. A popular feature of these doors is that both sides of the door can have completely different designs and finishes. These exemplary security doors are built to withstand attacks from the most determined and persistent criminals. Tests are carried out through rigorous stress testing procedures.

    For any further information on our high gloss front doors or security doors, please come and visit us at one of our showrooms or contact us here.


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