• High gloss Piano Finish Front doors

    By SWD Team

    High gloss front doors are always popular. These doors can be specified as large as 2700×1200 for a single leaf. When you do high gloss it has to be almost the perfect finish which is expensive.

    When the finish is substandard with an orange peel effect it will look cheap. So how do we manage to get such a high finish on our front doors when others fail miserably. You need to start by making a door with little or no movement. This is where most other companies fail as they will make a traditional joinery made door out of a conventional hardwood that moves as it is supposed to. This is fine if the door has a modern paint finish or stain finish as the panels are sprayed before they are put in and any movement isn’t noticed on the finish.

    This is not the case with a high gloss finish as any movement will cause cracking.

    So how do we make a door to take a high gloss finish that doesn’t move. The simple answer is to use materials with no movement and special glues and caulks to finish the joints. Materials like Accoya, tricoya and external door blanks, but we wouldn’t want to give away all our secrets.

    The next stage is the finishing. The doors are primed and sanded several times with up to 5 coats of primer to achieve a flat finish. We then have them finished at a specials car spray shop, where we apply many coats of high gloss laquer. The final finish is a clear protective UV laquer that is polished and buffed to a mirror finish. If you think about it who would be better to achieve the perfect finish.

    Below are images and videos of some doors in the production process.

    And here we have some example of some finished projects fitted into houses:London Front Door Double Front Door

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