• Hotel Doors Must Be Multi Skilled in 21st Century!

    By SWD Team

    Hotel Doors – Multi Talented!

    Hotel doors really do have their work cut out. Not only is it often the first impression you will gain to your hotel room. The hotel doors are often the most noticed parts in a corridor or hallway. So it really has to look the part, strong and stylish, it also needs to be safe and offer you privacy as you enter your hotel room.

    So apart from looking great, it also needs to perform extra duties, it needs to be a fire door , and it needs to minimise external noise.  One of the most common complaints about hotel rooms and doors is the noise levels.

    noisy hotel doorsacoustic noise level


    Whether you are staying in a hotel for business or pleasure, the noise can be at best an annoyance at worst can really disrupt and ruin your stay. This of course can really impact o if you would return to this hotel or another one of its chains or would you recommend it to your friends or clients?

    From hearing next doors TV, toilet or shower, banging doors, general commotion in the corridors – this is all in addition to air conditioning or the sounds of lifts opening and closing… and of course not forgetting the honeymoon couple next door!

    What is the answer?

    Thankfully all new builds have acoustics as part of new building regulations. A minimum decibel reduction of 29dB must be achieved.

    All SWD Fire Doors will be able to perform to this new requirement by adding our acoustic seals.

    So if you are a Hotelier or a Hotel Chain and are looking for Hotel Doors that are fire doors and will offer your customers a more enjoyable stay – let us show you the great range of internal fire doors that also performs in line with Acoustics building regulations. You are really spoilt for choice at SWD!!

    To see some of our wonderful internal doors please pop along to



    Here is an article that shows how Hotel chains across the world are working to improve the acoustics


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