• Internal Doors: An Insight into Quality

    By SWD Team

    We often get asked the pros and cons between Solid Wood and Engineered internal doors. Although we can manufacture Solid Wood doors we tend to steer away from Solid Wood for several reasons, mainly instability, costs, fire ratings and limitations to finishes. As a result 99% of the internal doors we sell are Engineered construction.

    solid core door constuctionEngineered Construction

    Our engineered internal doors have a high density chipboard core, solid wood lippings that are 25mm-28mm deep dovetailed into the core, and use real wood veneer faces.

    The solid lippings means you have around 10mm you could shave off each door edge and top / bottom of the door when you are hanging them on site. (if you’ve questions on this you can ask us first, for example, this can not be applied to man made veneer finishes ((e.g. Greys, Wenge)) or Lacquer / High Gloss doors).

    For traditional panel design doors the actual panel itself is a separate item to the door rather than being recessed into a flush door. SWD offer a Raised & Fieled Panel or a Flat Panel which is shown here.flat panel

    Flat Panel

    Raised Panels

    Raised & Fielded Panel

    SWD also use solid wood for the beading which is offered in a number of designs, the beading runs around the outside of the panel. custom beading typesThe exact finish or design of the beading can be tailored to your own specification depending on the colour of the finished door – some colours compliment certain beading designs whilst more bold beading finishes can; together with a darker colour, give a very high quality, sophisticated look.

    All SWD doors are made with factory machined leading edges to enable a perfect fit. For each door design you have the option to choose a door leaf (the door only) or a pre hung door set (door supplied with frames and architraves).

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