• Latest SWD Project – Bespoke Internal Doors For Luxurious Modern Developments

    By SWD Team

    A recent project by SWD was supplying three luxurious modern developments in Epping, with each plot using a different bespoke internal door model to showcase and make each home unique. The bespoke internal doors we supplied are all fire rated FD30 with a thickness of 45mm. Fire doors are heavier and more substantial providing enhanced performance with improved sound and thermal insulation. The models used and shown below are 1004, S800 and 850.

    Bespoke Internal Doors

    Sophisticated, clean, luxurious finish

    SWD’S contemporary bespoke internal doors match the outstanding modern design of these beautiful homes, Creating simple but stunning designs. This particular designer knew the importance doors have to a finish of a property.

    Model 1004

    Beautifully finished, these doors have a subtle bevelled V groove which is routed into solid wood strips inlaid into the core which gives an authentic solid wood feel to them. Model 1004 used here has 4 solid wood inserts running across the door with V shaped grooves.

    Bespoke internal door model 1004

    Bespoke internal door model 1004

    Model 850

    Model 850 is a stunning door which incorporates stainless steel and aluminium strips within the door designs which are finished in either satin, polished or bespoke bronze colours. This door design used comes with 4 horizontal strips of aluminium. It is available in any wood finish, including our newly introduced Zebrano, Ebony, Bamboo and Bleached Oak. Also available as an FD30 fire door, it has many glazing options. You can view the glazing options here

    Stained Modern Doors

     bespoke double doors

    wenge internal doors

    Model S800

    Model S800 is a flush door with horizontal grain. Defined by their flat and even surface, flush doors are designed to highlight the natural beauty of the chosen material and the applied finish. It also has many glazing options.

    Bespoke internal door

    To compliment all 3 of the projects the developer choose a simple sleek contemporary double external door flanked by clear glazed sidelights allowing light to flood into the entrance epitomising quality and effortless style this created a stunning first impression.

    Swd bespoke internal door project


    You can view our range of internal doors here. If you would like bespoke internal doors please contact us to discuss your requirements further. SWD doors are made to order allowing you to specify any size or design.

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