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    By SWD Team

    PAS24 what is that?!?! I only want a door!

    PAS24 is an important enhanced security standard. Your apartment doors need to be super secure. There are many locks and doors available on the market.

    Its not just all about the price.

    The initial price difference between an ordinary replacement multi-point locking door. Or one that is certificated to PAS24:2012 for enhanced security would cost you an extra £100 – £200.

    You would maybe be tempted to choose the cheaper version!

    On the other hand, what if you understood that the more expensive one had undergone masses of testing. Which proved that it could keep out the bad weather and the burglars, which one would choose now?

    PAS24 – The Background Story

    For instance, as recently as a couple of decades ago, a manufacturer would tell you the door was secure and you would take their word for it. At that time, builders would often fit unsatisfactory hinges  and would fit cheap night catches. After all, they did not need to care or worry about your safety – that was up to you!

    Something had to be done to increase security and decrease burglar attacks which seem to be forever on the rise.

    By the mid nineties the Police were working with door manufacturers, trade assocations and British Standards Institute. With the plan to create a test standard for enchanced security doors


    As a result of this work, a test specification called PAS 24-1:1999 Enhanced security performance requirements for door assemblies  was developed. PAS (Publicly Available Specification) is a document written by stakeholders from the industry with input from the police and published by BSI.

    In addition to this, the general performance standard PAS 23-1:1999 General performance requirements for door assemblies. Single leaf, external door assemblies to dwellings  was introduced.

    Equally, if a door manufacturer wanted to have their doors certificated to PAS24 they would also have to have them successfully tested to this performance standard.

    Finally, this meant that an enhanced secure door to keep the burglars out would also keep the bad weather out!

    The original PAS 24 has been improved over the years and the new standard is PAS 24:2012. Enhanced security performance requirements for doorsets and windows in the UK. External doorsets and windows intended to offer a level of security suitable for dwellings and other buildings exposed to comparable risk


    You might be interested to learn that the UK was the first country in the world to make enhanced secure doors (and windows) for domestic use.  Their performance in terms of their contribution to reducing burglary has been quite breathtaking.

    Now hundreds of UK manufacturers are producing PAS24:2012 doors of many different styles and materials.

    Finally, please note that PAS24 is a test on the entire doorset; the door, frame and locks, not the individual component parts.

    In Summary….

    In brief, PAS 24 (Product Assessment Specification) is an enhanced security standard designed to assess whether a door & frame set can withstand a series of measured manual and mechanical tests.

    Specifically, to prove they can withstand the opportunistic intruder for a defined period of time. PAS24 is recognized by Secured by Design which is the UK Police initiative to reduce burglary and crime with better design solutions.

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