Pre-hung Doorsets

The Frame

The frame comes made to size with the hinges and striking plates already cut in. We will fit the frame to a subframe generally made from 18mm plywood. Using a specialist type of staple gun we then fix the frame structure to the plywood subframe with corrugated staples which are then hidden by the architrave upon installation. As the door comes already hung in the frame as a complete unit, the door sets are usually installed onto a finished floor with the frame extended or undercut by 5-6mm. The frame itself can be supplied veneered to match the door, or alternatively can be supplied primed and ready for painting as per your preference. The door frames are available from 70mm-170mm, for wider walls extension pieces can be used.

The Door Leaf

The door leafs are made to measure and have all hinges and locks already mortised into the door. As the door comes pre hung into the frame, there is no need to ‘shoot in’ the door in a conventional way as historically been the norm for fitting meaning that there is no planning or retouching necessary afterwards.


SWD can supply many different styles of architrave which can be veneered to match our door models resulting in a seamless finish avoiding the need to use solid wood which can be very costly by comparison. The veneered architraves are also less prone to movement and twisting which provides a long-lasting more stable area surrounding your door.

Investing in a pre-hung doorset gives absolute confidence that your doors are not only made to your exact specifications entirely finished in an exactly matching (or contrasting should you wish) frame, already hung on the recommended suitable hinges with all of the locks in place, acoustic seals supplied as a benefit for not only sound but also smoke prevention, and eliminates all scope for error and delay when installing.

Key Benefits are:

  • All door sets are made to order
  • All the frames and architraves can match the doors
  • They can come in any of our wood finishes
  • They are all prefinished
  • We can provide special colour matched hand stained finishes
  • Installed at the end of the build after decoration and flooring avoiding damage
  • Fast installation
  • Saves you money on your build costs
  • We provide an installation service