Door Sets

SWD Bespoke door sets will include the door leaf, a rebated door frame, acoustic gaskets and ironmongery. All door sets will arrive as kits and require assembling on site.

The Door Leaf

The door leafs are made to measure and have all hinges and locks machined into  the door. The leaf will be supplied with leading edges; a leading edge is a light chamfer that is factory machined to the door edge. The benefit to this would be achieving a tighter gap between the door leaf and door frame. Fire-rated door sets (FD30 & FD60) will include intumescent strips which will be pre-machined into the door frame. Double door sets will as standard have a flush meeting stile with a brush strip machined and supplied for the middle parting, unless otherwise specified. 

The Rebated Frame

The rebated frame comes made to size with the cut outs for hinges and strike plates already machined. The frame will need to be fitted to a subframe, generally made from 18mm plywood. We recommend using a staple gun to then fix the frame structure to the plywood subframe with corrugated staples which are then hidden by the architrave upon installation. The door sets should usually be installed onto a finished floor with the frame extended or undercut by 5-6mm. The frame itself can be supplied veneered to match the door, or alternatively can be supplied primed and ready for painting on site by others. Door frames can be produced up to 175mm wide; if wall thicknesses are wider than this then reveal boards will be required, these will carry additional costs. If wall thicknesses cannot be determined at the time of order, reveal boards can be provided to be cut on site to suit the finished wall.


The ironmongery, unless stated otherwise, will comprise of x2 pairs of stainless-steel hinges and full casement din latches/euro locks where applicable – all to have radius edges. Alternative ironmongery can be specified such as deep-set latches/locks to be used with mortice knobs and square edged or concealed hinges, at additional costs. All ironmongery and acoustic gaskets will be pre-machined into the door leaf and door frame, and will be supplied loose. All other hardware required i.e. handles, cylinders, keyed escutcheons or flush bolts are not included in the door set cost and will be chargeable extras – these items will require machining and fitting on site.


SWD can supply many different styles of architrave which can be primed, lacquered or veneered to match your door finish. Veneered architrave results in a seamless finish and avoids the need to use solid wood which can be very costly by comparison. The veneered architraves are also less prone to movement and twisting which provides a long-lasting more stable area surrounding your door.

Investing in a door set gives you absolute confidence that your doors are made to your exact specifications and eliminates scope for error and delay when installing.

Key Benefits are:

  • All door sets are made to measure and fit perfectly into each opening
  • The finish of the frames and architraves can match the doors
  • The frame is rebated and includes acoustic gaskets
  • Fire doors include intumescent strips
  • Top quality ironmongery included
  • Saves you money on your build costs
  • Reduces installation time