Extra Price For Special Hinges

All Doorsets come with Satin Stainless Steel or Polished Stainless Steel hinges, we can supply our doorsets with Satin Zinc plated lift off hinges.  Here is the extra price for these hinges:

Hinge Finish Price for Single Doorset Price for Double Doorset
PSS £25 £50
SSS £15 £30

Extra Prices for Architaves

Our doorsets as standard come with 70×10 Flat Architraves, We can supply 3 different types of architrave: Flat, Rounded and Moulded, in three different sizes 70,80 and 90mm(see images). These prices are listed below:

Architrave Type 70mm 80mm 90mm
Flat, Moulded, Rounded 10-12mm Inc £5 £10
Flat, Moulded, Rounded 15mm £10 £15 £20
*These prices are for a single doorset, please double for a double doorset.

Matching Skirting and Plinths

We can supply matching skirting and plinth blocks for your doorsets, here are the prices:

Veneer Sapele,White Primed Etimoe, Crown Sapele, Oak
Cedar, Maple, Cherry Walnut, Steamed Beech, Wenge
Plinth Blocks  140mm High(each) £5.00 £6 £6.50 £7
Skirting 120x16mm High(per 2.5metre length) £18 £20 £22 £24

* Please call for prices on stained veneers or solid woods.

Extension Peices

For walls larger than 170mm we can supply extension pieces to clad the wall. These come in 2.2m or 2.4m lenghts depending on the size of your doorsets. They are 16mm thick which will match your rebated frame. They are 400mm wide so you can cut them in half for walls upto 370mm. You will generally need 1.5 boards per doorset to complete the reveal. The prices are as follows:

Veneer Sapele, White Primed Etimoe, Crown Sapele Oak, Maple, Cherry Walnut, Steamed Beech, Wenge
Price per Board £50 £56 £65 £79
*170mm Frames are £15 more expensive than a 155mm frame on the door set calculator.
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