• Primed Doors

    By SWD Team

    Do we supply primed doors?

    Yes, in fact we do this very often. It is then down to the client to finish the leaf themselves.

    What is a primed door?

    When the door leaf is constructed (or ‘engineered’ as we like to say, since a high density timber fibre is used to prevent issues such as warping), the bare surface is exposed to the outside world; this needs to be ‘primed’. This prevents the final finish from being absorbed into the door, ensuring an even gloss or sheen.

    A primed door itself is not a finished door, and you should expect to see some imperfections.
    Below are photos of imperfections you will typically see:Painted Edges Paint Buildup Hairs under Paint

    What do I do with a primed door?

    Typically any primed woodwork will need to be caulked and sanded. Thepaintedsurface.com explains this to great length. Caulk adheres better to a primed surface, so it’s important the door is primed first, then caulked later. All surfaces will have to be sanded and vacuumed before applying the new paint. More on caulking.

    How do I then paint the door?

    There are many ways to go about doing this. It all depends on the end result you want – we’ll be covering this in another blog soon to come.

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