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    SWD High Security Door Entry

    The new Integra E-key fingerprint scanner is the latest feature for high security doors. Ensure your home is kept safe and secure in the most stylish way possible with the elegant design of an E-key which is processed with the best materials to ensure a perfect finish. At SWD we can install this slim and sleek design to blend perfectly into your desired high security door with a stainless steel mount. The E-key isn’t just nice to look at, it’s also equipped with intelligent security software from the market leaders which can learn and recognise user behaviour.


    Not only is the E-key more convenient, it is also more secure than a traditional key since your fingerprint is entirely unique to you. The system requires a ‘swipe’ so that no fingerprint is left on the door scanner leaving you with the peace of mind that your home is safe with an unrivalled level of security.

    This easy-to-use system is cost efficient as you can add up to 99 fingerprints including those of children over the age of 6. Each user can scan up to 10 fingers as well. No more purchasing additional keys for your front door! You are also able to remove fingerprints at your discretion which eliminates the need to worry about trespassers.

    If you would like to try the Integra E-key for yourself then come down to the SWD showroom located in West Molesey where we have installed this state of the art system on a high gloss black security door. Why wait and risk a security breach from a lost or stolen key? Speak to a member of the SWD team today and find out how you can upgrade your home security.

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