• September Door Gallery: More Architrave Ideas and Trends

    By SWD Team

    We’ve been busy finding out some more trends on finishes and colour schemes again! The dark stained doors on this property are brought to life by the detailed white architrave and plinth blocks that altogether create a stunning interior piece. This effect is great if the look is designed to exude a very high quality type of building or space where residents will be reminded each time they walk through or past the door!

    Contrasting white frames and architrave can also work perfectly with the oak door on the project pictured further down this post. They match the combination of interior aspects throughout the rest of the property. This again portrays a very neutral, modern, yet popular choice for those looking to add style whilst keeping the final look fairly plain – which can be ideal for rental properties or
    those with short term occupiers. This particular project has been complimented by matching landing fence surfaces and furniture.

    Alternatively the matching walnut frames and architrave on the doors pictured below, including the bathroom option; complete the door in this property by adding some extra eye catching detail and ensuring the doors stand out. This is a nice step up in the quality of the finish and can really impress visitors and those passing through the property.

    The examples below can be popular with more mainstream styles and the matching grey architrave of the last shot makes the doors a key feature in that property. They fit in with the clean and simplistic look. This choice is often popular for those that want to maintain a neutral feel, keeping it simple but still keeping a higher than average finish.

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