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    By SWD Team

    The extravagant luxury bespoke wardrobes may just be the status symbol of our times, proof that you have really and truly made it. A walk-in wardrobe or bespoke in-built wardrobe is a fantastic addition to any luxury bedroom. As with everything else, the more of them we see, the more distinguished we want ours to be. Custom-built wardrobes and dressing rooms allow you to organise your bedroom neatly and efficiently, while maximising the best use of your space.

    With our own bespoke joinery work shop we can create truly unique designs that can incorporate the finest materials available producing luxury bespoke wardrobes to complement our exceptional range of doors. Our professional, experienced designers work individually with each client to design and craft truly magnificent wardrobes. All custom built wardrobes can be built to your specific needs and preferences; sensitive to how you live, storage needs, and personal style. We begin by listening carefully to your concerns and needs. We create a design concept that merges your vision with our expertise, to create luxurious, unique, statement wardrobes.

    You Dream it, We build it

    Nothing is quite as gratifying as having something crafted and made to your personal specification. Together, we’ll make changes until the design is exactly what you want. Our custom wardrobe design process puts you in control of how you want to view, display and store your garments and shoes. Your final design will include your choice of finishes, accents, accessories, and lighting. With careful space planning and a little forethought, a walk in wardrobe or fitted wardrobe that’s the envy of Carrie Bradshaw is easier than you might think.
    With this in mind we have put together some tips and inspiration to help you envisage your wardrobe design.


    Tips for Wardrobe Design

    • Double or single hanging space even a mix? Such as shirts, jackets, coats, trousers and long dresses. An average 2.2m ceiling height will allow for two rows of short hanging, one above the other, or one row of long hanging with shelves or drawers underneath.
    • Do you want mirrors inside or outside? Mirrored doors maximise the feeling of space.
    • Shoes, house an extensive shoe collection? we do too…do you want to admire your shoes in an open display, behind glass doors, a fixed shelve or maybe a pull out shoe tray.
    • How many drawers and shelves would you like? Built-in drawers and fixed shelving provide additional multi-functional storage.
    • pull-out trays are great for keeping blouses, scarfs and shirts neatly displayed
    • The right lights can illuminate your clothing. A beautiful added extra which brings a level of luxury to any wardrobe design.
    • His and Hers don’t forget to make sure there is another room for the other half too.
    • Showcase your most cherished and valuable accessories with segments for watches and jewellery
    • Pull-out belt rack and tie rack. Cleverly designed to save space and optimise the functionality of your storage system.
    • Turn empty space into extra cupboards. Or add a concealed glamour unit and bring a little luxury to your everyday routine.

      Inspirational Luxury Bespoke Wardrobes

    Here are a few inspirational designs that SWD love.

    This luxury bespoke boutique walk in wardrobe oozes sophistication , this design style incorporates symmetrical storage, and luxurious details to create an overall high-end look offering a tranquil place to choose your outfits and get ready for the day.Luxury bespoke wardrobe


    Fabulous shoes require fabulous shoe storage. Built for a diva Maria Careys’s climate controlled walk in shoe closet in her 12,000 square foot Manhattan apartment is every girls dream.

    Luxury bespoke wardrobes


    These beautiful bespoke fitted wardrobes with black lattice mirrored doors and a high gloss piano black finish flow effortlessly with a clean and versatile look and matching bespoke SWD black lattice internal doors. The result is a functional and gorgeous space.

    Black Lattice wardrobes


    SWD believe exceptional design transforms people’s lives If you’re inspired by any of the luxury bespoke wardrobes or maybe looking for something completely different, please contact us for more information on our innovative wardrobe design solutions and personal design service.


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