• Gloss Doors – Look How Shiny They Are!

    By SWD Team

    Gloss Doors

    Gloss doors will create a real statement to your property. Our high gloss doors really are something very special. They are SO glossy that they give a mirror like finish – we can cater for most colour choices too.

    The Process

    The process begins by making a door with materials that have no movement, using special glues and caulks to finish the joints. Having a door with no movement is vital for a high gloss finish as any movement will cause cracking. The doors are primed and sanded several times with up to 8 coats of primer to achieve a flat surface.

    Multiple layers of high gloss lacquer are then applied and buffed in between each application. The final finish is a clear protective UV lacquer that is polished and buffed to a stunning mirror finish

    installation: https://youtu.be/KhOi0jhbUR0

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    High Gloss Finish

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