• Types of Door Handle – Part 2

    By SWD Team

    We posted a few weeks introducing door handle types part 1, so now here’s part 2!:

    Levers on Rose – If you choose handle on rose for your internal door, the escutcheon and turn and releases are separate items. The escutcheon is a piece of door furniture that goes below the lever and hides the cut out keyhole in the door. You’ll need to make sure that you choose the escutcheon that is the same finish as your chosen handle.

    For the bathroom, you will need a matching turn and release. The thumb turn part fits on the inside of the door so that it can be turned for privacy, and the release part fits on the outside of the door for emergency opening. This could also be used on bedroom doors.
    Levers on rose are ideal for use with our European sized locks which puts the roses on the handle and the turn and release or Escutcheon at about 25mm apart.

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