• Fire Doors and How They Actually Help in Case of a Fire!

    By SWD Team

    Fire doors

    As summer moves into full swing and we look forward to the bank holiday it is also one of the hottest times of the year. This means our own home protection against fires is of the utmost importance and fire doors are the most popular protection against them. But what do fire doors do?

    1. They slow down the development/inflammation of a fire.
    2. They are designed to allow an accessible path to exit a property.
    3. By withstanding and holding back a fire and vapour for a limited time.
    4. They assist the emergency services, including the fire brigade – in helping isolate and neutralise a fire.

    fire door

    So the importance of these doors are significant!

    In the past fire doors where often ugly and could ruin the look of a beautiful room – How times have changed – to see just how gorgeous our internal and external doors are – take a look at our portfolio – Who knew doors could look so good!


    Next time we’ll be covering the details of what’s in a fire door and why they are so good at keeping us protected! Have a great bank holiday!

    What is Intumescent Material and Why is it Used for Fire Doors?



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