Frameless Doors

SWD offer a solution for perfectly clean looking doors that have no architrave and appear hingeless. Any of our door designs can be integrated into this system.

The system is made up of a split-type jamb which simply clips over the end of a finished wall structure. The perforated side flanges offer exceptional fixing ease and have reinforced rolled edges. Once fixed, the flanges can be plastered over with the rest of the wall, giving an unbroken wall surface right up to the door.

  • Available fire-rated to FD30 or FD60
  • Flush hinges or concealed SOSS hinges
  • Frame finished with paint colour of your choice or powder-coated to any standard RAL colour
  • All systems made to order – lead time approximately 8 weeks
  • Fitting serving available

These systems are available to suit any of our styles


What makes us stand out from the rest is our reputation for quality, innovation and reliability. Our team share over forty years of experience in the building and design industry which we strongly feel is fundamental in building strong, sound working relationships with our clients who are mostly designers, architects and builders. That’s why they keep coming back to us.

A wholly Uk-owned private company, SWD is innovative and progressive at the forefront of delivering the highest standards in product solutions and customer service.

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