High Security Doors

SWD offer two levels of high security internal and external doors which are available in any standard or bespoke design. These doors are made up of a reinforced steel core with 12mm panels either side and a steel frame. The inside of the door is insulated with rockwool giving U-values of 1.3 and sound insulation up to 45dB.

High security doors have all the benefits of a timber door plus they have all the benefits of a steel door which include burglary resistance, fire resistance, noise reduction , thermal, water and wind insulation.

These doors can be fire rated up to 120 minutes and produced in bespoke sizes as large as 4000m x 2000m for a single leaf.

As standard we supply a Level 3 security door with a multi-point lock which has 10 bolts in total: 4 bolts on the side of the door, 1 bolt at the top and bottom of the door and 4 bolts on the hinge side so it is very secure! There is the option to upgrade to having 12 bolts.

Upgrade to a motorised lock which gives you the convenience of automatically locking the door when it closes and electronically opening your door with the use of either an RFID fob reader, electronic keypad, fingerprint scanner or with an app. The motorised lock can also be linked to your home control system.

A popular feature of these doors is the fact that both sides of the door can have completely different designs and finishes. The materials used for the panels are Medite Tricoya which is a very stable, moisture resistant material that can be finished in any coloured lacquer, including high gloss. For a real-wood effect we can use an Okome panel which can be stained to any colour, or alternatively solid wood panels can be used.

View the high security external door gallery here.

What makes us stand out from the rest is our reputation for quality, innovation and reliability. Our team share over forty years of experience in the building and design industry which we strongly feel is fundamental in building strong, sound working relationships with our clients who are mostly designers, architects and builders. That’s why they keep coming back to us.

A wholly Uk-owned private company, SWD is innovative and progressive at the forefront of delivering the highest standards in product solutions and customer service.

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