• White High Gloss Doors Stylish Through the Times

    By SWD Team

    white high glossWhite High Gloss Doors

    Frequently white doors have always been a popular choice, mainly due to the neutral look it maintains. White high gloss doors can be used in almost any type of property as they merit any decor scheme and rarely clash with most light colours.
    The doors here are panelled with glass windows. Which was chosen for this large development with multiple large rooms. The doors can be supplied to almost any specification though, so can be great for apartments or offices.

    High Gloss Finish

    Perfect when teamed with wooden floors

    One recommendation we would add is that high gloss doors compliment light wooden floors fantastically well. Above the natural wood effect looks great against the shiny gloss. Finally to enhance the appearance the gold ironmongery chosen here maintains a very high quality, yet traditional look.

    The ironmongery choices are endless on gloss doors. Silver and grey are still popular. Currently more customers are choosing gold which will be sure to have their property stand out. It can often give the door set that ‘rustic’ look.

    In other words, regardless of the style of your home or development you will find that high gloss doors always look at home. They shout out sleek and stylish and are so shiny they appear to have a mirrored finish. These doors really make a grand entrance into any room.

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